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Technical Expertise


The built environment depends on our infrastructure.  Hofschneider Engineering Corporation’s engineers assist our public and private clients with building and maintaining the components of our infrastructure.  Through an extensive set of technical skills, we work closely with our clients to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions.  Because of our staff’s diverse and extensive experience, we are able to offer the right services for a wide variety of projects and clients.  Click below to see a full list of services offered.



To better serve the needs of our clients, Hofschneider Engineering Corporation has developed a strong business relationship with several other professional firms.  Our partners include global experts in Architecture, Aviation, Water & Wastewater, Marine/Waterfront, Solid Waste & Waste Management, Geotechnical Work, and Specialized Materials Testing as well as local firms bringing localized knowledge from a long history of work within the CNMI and Micronesia in areas relating to soil testing, surveying, electrical engineering, fire protection engineering, mechanical engineering, archaeology, environmental engineering, and permitting.  Click below to see a list of our partners.



Hofschneider Engineering Corporation invests heavily in new technology and the training of its staff to be efficient in the use of the most current hardware and software available.  Our firm is committed to staying current with the rapidly changing technologies in our dynamic profession, including new construction products, construction procedures, computer hardware, design software, and concrete testing equipment, regularly implementing upgrades to our most crucial software, and holding regular meetings and training sessions to keep the technical staff up to date.  Click below to see a list of some of the software we work with.

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